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Green Oak Beams in Northamptonshire

At Bainton Timber, we use locally sourced hardwood to create green oak beams in Northamptonshire to your personal specifications. Beams can be cut to any length up to 36 feet and delivered to you in time for construction projects of any size.

Green Oak Beams in Warwickshire

Green Oak is a fresh cut oak and it is the perfect material for use in timber frame construction. The green oak is recently felled, unseasoned and still quite moist. Green oak is easier to cut into difficult shapes compared to oak that has been seasoned.

At, Bainton Timber we supply best quality green oak beams in Warwickshire in order to meet your requirements. However, green oak is a renewable resource and can be easily used in its raw state as well without getting hampered by industrial procedure changing it and its innate natural beauty will last a lifetime.

Green Oak Beams in Berkshire

We supply an extensive array of premium green oak beams in Berkshire at competitive prices. With years of experience, we can provide you with useful assistance and advice. In addition, we provide a variety of other services that will help you save your money and valuable time.

Green oak has a minor environmental impact compared to dry oak. We provide beams entirely from oak sawmill and make sure that our suppliers are reliable and trustworthy in terms of quality and service.

Green Oak Beams in Buckinghamshire

Our customers can choose from a complete range of air and kiln-dried planking solutions at competitive prices from our expansively stocked premises. We have various lengths and thicknesses available and Bainton Timber is widely regarded as the first port of call for green oak beams in Buckinghamshire, Didcot and Abingdon.

For trusses and english hardwood planking in Buckinghamshire, Bainton Timber should be your first choice.